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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This Is Not the Way to Evict a Bad Tenant

Recently in my area a homeowner owner was arrested for trying to set her house on fire.  Apparently, she had a bad tenant who she could just not get rid of so she attempted to burn the house down.

This was a bad idea for some many obvious reasons.

The property owner was charged with a felony, could go to state prison and she did not get the tenant out.  If she had been successful she would also have destroyed, probably, her most valuable asset.

No doubt, a landlord can get frustrated at how long it can take to evict a bad tenant, but that's no an excuse for using self-help.  Just so long as the landlord has the grounds to evict the tenant, and takes the proper legal steps, the eviction will eventually occur.  Using an experienced, knowledgeable landlord attorney will usually make the process go faster. 

It's a lot cheaper to pay an attorney an eviction than for felony criminal charges.

Glen P. Malia


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