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Monday, December 2, 2013

Westchester County, New York Source of Income Law

It's now effective.  The Westchester County New York Source of Income Law.  It is now illegal for a landlord to refuse to rent an apartment to a tenant because the tenant's rent will be paid by Section 8 or DSS.  Whether this is a good law or a bad law is a matter for discussion on another day--but it is the law.

The law applies to landlords who have more than one rental building or have one rental building that has more than six rental units. 

No longer should real estate brokers ask landlords if they accept Section 8 and no longer CAN landlords refuse to accept Section 8 tenants.  But there are so many ways around this law that landlords who do not want to accept Section 8 should not be concerned.

To find out how to avoid accepting Section 8 tenants landlords should speak with an attorney who is an experienced landlord/tenant attorney who also knows the Section 8 rules and regulations.

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